BfB Goes To The World Cup 2010 (Without leaving the front room)

There was a single game played between East and West Germany which the East won while playing in the West’s World Cup both in terms of hosting and winning.

The team in white with blue shorts beat those in black 1-0 but the other side of the wall seemed to get over the defeat and went on to become the first holders of the newly minted World Cup which was a replacement for the Brazil taken Jules Rimet Trophy.

A decade and a half later and as the political landscape started to change promising the return of the United Germany the West won again beating Argentina. Lothar Matthäus got his hands on the World Cup which was – more or less – the last action of the divided nation.

Matthias Sammer and Ulf Kirsten – East Germans – played in the 1992 European Nations Cup reaching the final but losing to Denmark and in 1996 the singular Germans won the same competition.

As far as FIFA are concerned the World Cups and European Nations Cups were won by the same country named “Germany” which stands aside from some other nations such as Croatia who do not inherit a countries successes but not Slovakia and Serbia who do.

Germany – it would seem – inherit the successes of the past and should Philipp Lahm end South Africa with the World Cup in his hands it would appear that he would get to keep it creating the curious situation of a nation having once beaten itself on the way to retaining a trophy.

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