BfB Goes To The World Cup 2010 (Without leaving the front room)

The South Americans clash. Nominally the best against the most impressive so far and Chile. Brazil look as good as one might expect but Chile look – well – as you would hope Brazil would be. Cavalier and attacking. Exciting but strong and in Alexis Sánchez, they have the exciting young talent of the World Cup.

Chile play Brazil all the time and lose against the often but they start well and show the kind of healthy lack of respect which Slovakia had for Holland earlier today but hopefully with two slices more ambition. Brazil open up Chile but they make a mess snatching at the chance that Luis Fabiano has. Claudio Bravo watches the ball wide.

Brazil have a worry. Chile are a team schooled in the reality of Brazilian football rather than the dreams the Europeans have and know to get at the men in gold quickly and hard. Still Brazil play a good game and Gilberto Silva gets Bravo to make a first save of the night.

Chile come forward and Mauricio Isla gets to the by-line but the longer the game does the more the Brazil side get to grips with Chile, match them for robustness, combating the steel with an iron of their own. When they get the first goal it comes from Juan jumping high to convert a corner. It is breathing space.

Breath taken they add a layer of style when a ball to Kaká on the edge of the box is played through with the deftest of touches and Luis Fabiano rounds Bravo and deposits the ball in the then empty goal.

It is a comprehensive performance of football against a very good Chile side which has matched their energy and combativeness and – having bested that battle – been able to use flair to make conclusive breakthroughs.

It is – without a doubt – modern World Champion football.

The second half is more a process than a football match. Robinho gets a third goal as Chile are forced to chase a goal which never comes thanks to the stern defensive play of Lúcio and the holding midfield play of Gilberto Silva. Chile attack, each attack is bested, Brazil are untroubled and Júlio César only had a single save to make.

Credit to Chile they pay every moment trying to get the break they need to mount the unlikely comeback but Brazil are too strong at the back, too good at the front.

They have put in the best performance of the World Cup so far, fear them.

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